Sunday, January 30, 2011

ready for warmer weather!

I am so sick of this cold & snow, reminds me of my days growing up in Utica, NY. It's only January 30th, so we've got a ways to go yet before Spring. I'll just try to stay as warm as possible to avoid the stiff muscles and bones.
I took a paper piecing class yesterday from a great quilt teacher. I learned to paper piece long ago, and thought I knew how. I took the class just to hang with my Sis and my bestie. Well, I sure learned a much better way to paper piece, I am so excited about it. It makes the process even more awesome. I got 2 blocks done to use in my Sylvia's Bridal quilt to replace 2 other blocks that I don't care for.
I was going to sew/quilt all day since I got my tax paperwork done for DH to file. But, I thought I'd color my hair first, which is hard by myself, with achy arms to boot. While I waited for my hair to "cook" I started cleaning out the hall lined closet, which turned into cleaning the whole master bath & bedroom. Did laundry, too. I was ready for a nap after that, which I indeed did take, almost 3 hours! Came down here to play & realized I had many orders to prepare for shipping. I just now finished that job, and it's almost 9pm. I hear DH up above me making a nice fire, so I'm sure he wants me to come watch some TV with him. Did I even sew today? nada.....better luck tomorrow!!

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