Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick of the cold weather....

Enough already Mother Nature!
It's bad enough not feeling good, but this cold and snow makes me feel even worse...
I felt a little better today, at least not coughing non-stop, so I did some mundane housework, so I would not feel guilty about playing this evening with my quilty/crafty artsy/fartsy stuff.
I got some new goodies in for the shoppe, so I've been checking it all in, and will begin listing tomorrow morning. New patterns and books, and some charm packs.
My 2 youngest boys have birthdays this week, Donny turned 16 yesterday & Patrick will be 14 tomorrow. They both are testing tomorrow for licenses, Donny for the car (ahhh!) and Patrick is getting a moped license. I can't wait for Donny to drive, no more having to drive his butt to and from school, yay! I can actually make afternoon plans now with no worries....
Time to go play, between yawns, I'm pooped, will be an early bedtime tonight!

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